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821 – A #WE35 Equipment Check and Test Run


Simple house numbers on a cedar fence

I guess the title for this image, 821, is pretty obvious.  What might not be so obvious is why I made this image in the first place.  Before I go into that though, a little background might be in order.

I have always gone through periods of what I like to think of as photographic doldrums, basically they are periods when I just don’t feel all that creative nor motivated to get out and shoot much.  In the past that always happened at the end of the Arizona monsoon season, since moving away from Arizona and back to the Pacific Northwest, it seems to hit at more random times.  The only way I have ever found to really get out of those doldrums is to find some sort of photographic project to work on.

The timing for this recent bout of the doldrums could’t have been better when my friends over at The Photo Frontier launched their #WE35 research project.  I jumped at the chance to join the research team and while I won’t go into a lot of detail here, no reason for me to re-write everything that they already have online, please click through to the project page for everything you need to know.

This leads me to why I am posting this image today.  While I use my 35mm prime lens a lot during storm chasing trips, it tends to collect some dust the rest of the time.  I dusted it off this morning, mounted it to my Nikon D610 and made an excursion all the way out to my front yard.  Think of it as a bit of a shakedown and an equipment check prior to the serious research. :-)


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Moonrise over Cape Disappointment

Moonrise over the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

Moonrise over the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

While it might seem like I have been ignoring my blog lately, the truth is that I just returned from a week long work trip and while I had plans to get a number of images prepped to post while I was on the road, life got in the way and that didn’t happen. Have no fear though, I am back at my desktop computer that hosts my Lightroom Catalog, and I am sharing am image of the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse from back in October.

This image was made during a club field trip to the park, and while the weather was pretty amazing that day, I am really looking forward to returning to this very location when the weather is really bad, I have seen some amazing images of HUGE waves crashing onto the rocks below the lighthouse which I really want to shoot myself.

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