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Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain

Lady Washington

The Lady Washington and The Hawaiian Chieftain

It’s not every day that you drive around corner and see 2 tall ships getting ready to go into battle, but that is exactly what happened on Saturday afternoon in Aberdeen, WA.  We were on our way to the Washington coast for the afternoon and as we drove into Aberdeen we saw the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain getting ready for battle.  Ok, you might now be asking why, in 2014, two tall ships would be going into battle in Aberdeen, and the answer is quite simple, it is part of a show / cruise that takes people out on the tall ships for a few hours.  You can actually find more information about these cruises, and the ships themselves, on the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority website.

Odds are that you have actually seen The Lady Washington on film or TV before.  A couple of her more well known credits include the first Pirates of the Carribiean movie and she was even the “Enterprise” in an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” where they made Worf walk the plank.  It probably comes as no surprise that these girls demand attention everywhere they go, in the 10 or 15 minutes that we stood on the shore and watched them, we were joined by at least a dozen other people with cameras.

I don’t typically spend a ton of time post processing my images, I am certainly not one of those people that spends hours and hours working on an image, but I did spend a little more time with this one than normal.  I knew that I wanted to give it a “old timey” feel.

I hope that you enjoy the image, and also hope that you get a chance to see these regal ladies in real life someday, it really is a treat.

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Capitol Pines

Capitol Pines

The Washington State capitol grounds in Olympia, WA

Ok, before I go any further, I called this image Capitol Pines, but in full disclosure, that is probably a fir tree, but I thought pines sounded better so that is what I went with. :-)

You have probably noticed a trend lately with all the black and white / IR imagery that I have been sharing.  A lot of that was because I was getting a presentation on IR photography ready for the Olympia Camera Club, but the fact is that I love IR photography and do quite a bit of it.  This image was not captured for that presentation, but was taken during a walk around the Washington State capitol grounds with my wife recently.  I hope you enjoy it.  Who knows, maybe I will be getting more color onto the photoblog soon.

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A Desert Dove

Desert Dove

The White Dove of the Desert – Mission San Xavier del Bac

Mission San Xavier del Bac near Tucson, AZ is one of those iconic photographic locations that I think everyone should visit at least once.  I lived in Tucson, and shot “The White Dove of the Desert” many times, but inside and out, it was a favorite destination for me.  I titled this image, A Desert Dove, as a play on words.

This image was captured with an IR converted camera a number of years ago.  I recently dug it out of my archives for an IR presentation I was giving and decided to add it to my current online galleries.  I hope you enjoy it.

I do apologize for the very brief, and infrequent, blog posts as of late, I have been very busy with far to many things to comment on, but I am making great strides at getting back on track and keeping this blog up to date.

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