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Testing time



Ok, the real reason for this blog post to to test something, but thought I would share an image while doing so. :-)

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Down by the lake with Ken

Ken By The Lake

Ken Toney shooting at Tempe Town Lake in Arizona

When I scheduled a short work trip to Arizona last week I had no idea that my friend Ken Toney from South Carolina was going to be in town for a food suppliers conference.  Ken and I became friends online and I had the opportunity to meet face to face and shoot with him during a work trip to North Carolina late last year.  Unfortunately we didn’t have a lot of time to get out and do much shooting but we did find time to make it down to Tempe Town Lake to do some night shooting.  You can see one of Ken’s images here.  For some reason I enjoy grabbing shots of my fellow photographers making images and grabbed this one of Ken while he was down by the lake shooting.

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