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Sailing Away

Sailing Away

It’s no secret that I haven’t been updating my blog recently. The truth is that I haven’t been out doing much shooting either.  There is a long list of reasons why, but first and foremost is that fact that I just haven’t been “feeling it” lately.  All photographers, at least I hope I am not alone, go through periods when they just lack the passion, I am currently in one of those periods.  This is actually nothing new to me, it used to happen every year at the end of monsoon season when I lived in Arizona and while the reason for my being in the photographic doldrums might be different, the end result is exactly the same.

I did want to share an image I have been “sitting” on since this past spring, when I was out shooting a lot, and it is of a Pierce County Ferry leaving the dock.  I shot this with one of my IR converted cameras while I was shooting a time lapse video.  I thought “Sailing Away” was a pretty good title for this image.

In many ways this image doesn’t look like it was captured with an IR converted camera, but a more traditionally captured image that was converted to black and white.  There are some tell-tale indicators though, you see more white tones in the foliage on the island and I have always loved the way that clouds pop when capture with an IR camera.  What did take me a bit by surprise though was how much detail the IR converted camera caught in the water itself.

As always, I hope you enjoy this image and hopefully I will get through these doldrums soon and get back to regular shooting and posting.

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