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Sunflower Seeds


Macro snapshot of some sunflower seeds in my front yard

I really love sunflower seeds.  I am constantly eating them and decided it plant a couple sunflowers in my front yards this year.  This is a little snapshot I took this afternoon.


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Green Field of Lightning

For those not following the news around the Pacific Northwest, and to a much lesser extent my social media feeds, you will know that western Washington has been having some interesting weather over the last week or so.  Yesterday was one of those interesting weather days with numerous thunderstorms popping up just about everywhere, there was even a severe warned storm, which from what I understand is quite rare around here, just to the south of us.  I had already scouted out the area just north of where that severe warned storm was tracking and decided to grab my gear and head out, this image of a lightning strike over a green field was the result of that trip.

It was actually a very interesting storm chase, it didn’t last long, but I did manage to get myself positioned smack dab in the middle of 3 different developing thunderstorms and had light shows going off in 3 different directions, unfortunately I only took 2 cameras with me. :-)

I ended up with a good number of lightning images, but I suspect that this one  is the only one that I will actually share.  So many of the others were after it had gotten so dark that I was simply unable to bring any detail out of anything other than the strike and the sky around it.  This one I knew was a winner the second I shot it not only because of the nice looking strike, but for the detail that was still retained in the foreground.  I hope you enjoy it.

This image is one of those that does much better a little larger, please click on the image for that.

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