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Sad – more #WayBackMachine imagery from the dog track

A few days ago I shared a #WayBackMachine image from an abandoned dog track north of Phoenix.  I visited this site with Mike Olbinski and Rick Young and we all had a really good time out there shooting that day.  It seemed that every direction your looked the site had a story to tell.  This scene screamed at me to make an image of it.  This room was at one time the “fine dining” room for the track facility.  I just loved how the spray painted face looked sad to be seeing the room in the condition it was in.  Of all the images from that day this one really shows how something can have a “heyday” and then fall into utter dis-repair.  It truly is sad when you think about it.

For the record, I don’t feel that it is sad that there is no longer dog racing at this track, I think that is a good thing, but I do see a certain sadness when any structure is neglected and falls into disrepair.

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The ASU Skysong Center – a #WayBackMachine post

Today’s #WayBackMachine post takes us to the ASU Skysong Center in Scottsdale, AZ.  Skysong is interesting during the day but is absolutely stunning at night.  It was one of the first things I went out of my way to go shoot when we moved from Tucson to Phoenix.

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An American Terrorist

Normally you would see one of my blog posts start with my sharing an image, sadly that isn’t the case with this blog post, let me tell you why.

As you know from my last couple blog posts I am on the road this week and working out of my companies offices in the Phoenix area.  As the day was winding down today it was becoming clear that the sunset was going to be one of those epic Arizona sunsets that most people outside of Arizona have no idea about.  Since I had just made a #WayBackMachine post featuring an image made from a parking garage near 7th St. & I10 I thought I would head back there tonight to shoot the sunset that was developing before my eyes.

As I arrived there were already 2 other still photographers and a guy with what appeared to be broadcast type video gear shooting the sky as the sun was starting to set.  I started setting up my tripod and getting my camera ready when a security guard approached us.  His first question was what we were doing there.  At pretty much the same time all of us said we were talking pictures of the sunset.  The guards response what “that makes no sense, your obviously not middle eastern but there are a lot of American terrorists and I suspect you are targeting airplanes.”  I asked him if he was serious and he insured me that he was, and that American was full of terrorists and there is “no other reason to be taking pictures.”

At this point I started putting my gear away, I hadn’t actually finished setting up and hadn’t made a single capture yet.  The security guard started insisting that we leave and he started taking pictures of us and the video guy asked him what he was doing, the security guards answer was “getting evidence for when one of those planes explode.”  I’m serious, I don’t think I could make this up.

Since I was on private property I simply packed up my gear and left, but I am getting so sick and tired of this “war on photography.”  Sigh!

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Arizona sunsets and The #WayBackMachine

An Arizona sunset over downtown Phoenix


As I mentioned in my last post, I am in Arizona for 10 days for work.  One of the things I have missed about living in Arizona are those amazing Arizona sunsets.  It seems almost impossible that you can take something like this for granted, but trust me, it does happen.  This image is of one of those amazing sunsets over downtown Phoenix.

If things go as I hope they do, I will have some more sunset images to share when I return home.

Please click on the image for a larger version or to see other Arizona sunsets in the gallery this image is in.   You can also order prints of any of my work there as well.

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The #WayBackMachine visits the San Xavier Mission – The Dove of the Desert

As this blog posts hits the interwebs today I will be sittin on an airplane heading to Arizona for a 10 day work trip.  I am planning on doing a lot of photography while in Arizona but will not have access to a computer that has the ability for me to publish my images, at least not in the way that I like to manage my workflow.  Because of that, I am going to setup a number of #WayBackMachine posts over the next week and a half and will be sharing images from the trip as soon as I return back home.  This first image is an IR capture of the San Xavier Mission, also known as the Dove of the Desert, south of Tucson, AZ

The San Xavier Mission is one of those iconic locations that has been shot from almost every angle possible.  For this image I wanted to do something a little different.  Instead of getting up close to the mission I decided to back off about half a mile and to also shoot it with an IR converted camera.  I have always enjoyed this image and I hope you do too.

As always, please click on the image to see a larger version or to order prints.

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