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Charlotte Skyline

Those that follow my blog know that I just did a weeks worth of #WayBackMachine posts while I was in Charlotte, NC for work.  My work trip actually got cut short by a week, but I am thrilled that I actually had those posts scheduled and ready to go as I managed to catch something, I suspect while I was in a metal tube for 7 hours coming home, and have been feeling really sick for the last few days.

The work portion of the trip didn’t go as planned, but the upside of the week was that I was able to meet up with Ken Toney and Curt Fleenor and do some shooting of the very pretty Charlotte skyline.  This was a real treat for me as I have been friends with both of these fine gentlemen for a very long time online and it is awesome to finally meet face to face.  One of the truly great things about social media is getting to know people online which in turn leads to real life meetups and making what will be friends for years to come.  Both Ken and Curt had to make somewhat long drives to come down to Charlotte, and I am very grateful that both did, I had a great time.

As I mentioned, I am a little under the weather, and while I might not get out and shoot as much as I want until I feel a little better, I do have a few posts planned.  One will be a review of the ioShutter  camera control as well as some first impressions of my new Nikon D600.

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The #WayBackMachine loves windmills

When I sat down on the evening of Dec. 7th, I really hadn’t intended to make this entire week a series of images captured in Arizona, but it certainly worked out that way.  Of course, I couldn’t let the entire week go by without posting an IR image, like with the lightning image, I do have a reputation to uphold. :-)

Today’s #WayBackmachine image takes us to the Safford Arizona area for an IR shot of a windmill.  When I shot this image I had no idea that sky would end up being so dramatic, but when I imported it into my computer I fell in love with this scene.  To this day it is one of my favorite IR images that I have made.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

If things went as planned, I should have gotten home from North Carolina last night but will more than likely be so far behind with my day job that it might take me a while to get some new “live” content onto the blog.  However, if things went as planned, I will have done some shooting in NC and should have something from the trip to share.

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The #WayBackMachine goes storm chasing

I couldn’t let this week of #WayBackMachine images pass without at least one lightning image, I do have a reputation to upload after all. :-)

This image is from a somewhat special set of images I captured October 2010 in Maricopa, AZ.  For those that remember, 2010 wasn’t a particularly good year for lightning photography during the “traditional” monsoon season.  I had a few shots, but not nearly what I was accustomed to getting.  I really thought I was going to get “skunked” that season, but we got a somewhat rare October storm that was simply gorgeous from a lightning standpoint.

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The #WayBackMachine takes in an Arizona sunset

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There can be very little doubt that Arizona boasts some of the most spectacular sunsets on earth.  Today’s #WayBackMachine image takes us to Fountain Hills, AZ for a sunset there.

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The #WayBackMachine is in the Arizona desert – at night

Today’s #WayBackMachine image is from the Arizona desert, just south of the metro Phoenix area, in the middle of the night.

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