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A #waybackmachine post of thunder and lightning

This post was originally posted on back on Sept. 13, 2011.  While this image on it’s own might not have been worthy of re-sharing here on the new blog, but there is something very special about this strike, and it is the crux of the original post.  It is the first time that I captured thunder and lightning as both an image and an audio recording at the same time.  I hope you enjoy it, and please take a few minutes to listen to the embedded AudioBoo.



Lightning strike near Chandler, AZ

A couple years ago I started recording an occasional Audio Boo while out capturing storm images.  Even though I don’t think that very many people actually listen to them, I enjoy doing them and I also enjoy going back and listening to some of the early ones to see where my thoughts were at the time.  During this past Friday night’s epic lightning display, I was recording one of those Audio Boos when I captured this image.  The cool thing about this is that you can actually hear the thunder from this very strike in that Boo.  After all the years that I have been shooting lightning, this is the first time that I have been able to share not only the image of the strike, my reaction to capturing it and the sound of the thunder.

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Get to know your local camera club

In this short Audioboo I cover why I think it is important to find a local camera club or meetup group.  Please take a moment to listen and would love any feedback you might have.

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Sunset at Haystack Rock

Today’s blog post takes us back to Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach.  This image was from the great #NXNW weekend with Dave Wilson, Jim Nix, Jacob Lucas and Justin Balog.  As you can probably tell, this image was captured right at sunset. I still have hundreds of images from the weekend that I have done nothing with, but I have to give Jim a big thanks for posting one today which motivated me to share this one.

The Pacific Northwest – As seen through the lens of Scott Wood

Sharing an image of an iconic PNW scene reminds me to remind you that my 2013 calendar is available for order.  My calendar this year features 13 images I have captured since moving back home from the Arizona desert earlier this year.  I hope you will consider ordering one for yourself as well as for gifts for those on your holiday shopping list.

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The #WayBackMachine visits Marble Canyon

Today’s “WayBackMachine” post takes us to the beautiful Marble Canyon in northern Arizona.  This view is taken from the middle of the historic Navajo Bridge that spans the Colorado River below.  This place is actually pretty special to me and I have made images of it at least 20 times over the years.  This image was made back in 2007 shortly after “going digital” with a Nikon D40.  This particular image was also the very first digitally captured image that I ever licensed.

The reason that this place is pretty special to me is that it was the first place I stopped and spent any time at when I moved to Arizona back in 1988.  This place was so different than anywhere I had ever spent any time that I spent hours there.  At this time there was only one span across the river, the historic Navajo Bridge.  Now there are two, the historic bridge is a foot bridge and the new span accommodates motor traffic.  Somewhere I have both negatives and slides of this area with a single bridge, I really should try to find them.

If you do find yourself heading north out of Flagstaff and heading to Utah, I would STRONGLY recommend bypassing Page and visiting this area, it is well worth it.

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Seattle Stadium District

There has been a lot of news locally about the Seattle Stadium District and their efforts to bring NBA basketball back to Seattle.  This post has nothing at all to do with that. :-)  This is another image I captured last week when I had the opportunity to do a little shooting with Michael Murphy who was in town on business from London.

This image was shot over Interstate 90 looking west from the Jose Rival Bridge.  I really enjoyed shooting from the bridge, there are some great views from there, but more importantly was getting to meet and shoot with Michael.

I hope you enjoy the image.

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