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Haystack Rock from the south


Haystack Rock from Arcadia Beach on the Oregon coast

I posted last week about a work trip I made to Oregon and that I stopped at Arcadia Beach on the way back to my place here in Olympia.  Arcadia Beach is just a little bit south of the very famous Cannon Beach and the iconic Haystack Rock that you have seen many images of before, including some on this very blog.  The great thing about Arcadia is that while it is every bit as beautiful as anywhere else along the Oregon coast, it does tend to be a little less busy.  The other great thing about Arcadia is that you still get a view of Haystack but from a little different vantage than what you see in the vast majority of images out there.  This image is an example of that.  For the record, Haystack is on the right side of this image.

As some of you might know, I grew up in the pacific northwest, but moved to Arizona when I joined the USAF back in the late 1980’s.  One of the truly great things about moving back “home” is the ability to re-discover places that I have been to before and see them in an entirely new way.  It is almost like seeing them for the first time again.

I hope you enjoy this image as much as I do.

On a side note, I have relaunched my personal blog over at and would appreciate your checking it out.  That blog will be the home for all of my non-photography interests.

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Fishing into the setting sun


Sunset Fishing

I have to be honest, this image started as a snapshot when my wife and I were in Aberdeen, WA on Sunday evening.  The only reason we were in the area was that a friend recommended a somewhat nearby roadside place, Clark’s Restaurant (which was awesome), and we decided to make a stop by the water on the way home.  I had my tripod and some gear with me, but just grabbed this image while we were watching some fishermen on the dock that you can see in the image.  I did like the position of the sun, the smoke coming out of the smoke stack and the color of the sky and the reflection it produced in the harbor, but again, it wasn’t a photo outing and I grabbed this sort of in a hurry.

Once I got home and imported it into Lightroom, I sort of fell in love with it.  The setting sun contrasts very nicely with the industrial setting on the right side of the image, and I love how I can just barely make out the fishermen on the dock.

If you enjoy this image, I sure would appreciate your using the share buttons and would love to have some blog comments as well.

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Arcadia Beach


Arcadia Beach on the Oregon coast

Yesterday I found myself in Oregon for my day job and decided to go a little out of my way on the way and stop by the coast on my way home.  As those who follow me know, I was in Oregon recently shooting at Cannon Beach and decided to shoot just a little south of Cannon Beach on this stop.  In fact, if you turn 180 degrees from where I captured this image, you can see Haystack Rock.  This is technically Arcadia Beach.

Even though it is still technically summer, the entire coast was overcast and there was a slight chill in the air, the beaches were almost empty and it really felt that fall was here.  I have to confess something though, fall and winter are my absolute favorite times to be on the pacific northwest beaches.

I hope you enjoy this image.  I have one or two more that I will be sharing sometime down the road.  I already hinted as to what one of those images might be. :-)

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Introducing my new #ProjectDSCS30


Crab Apples

I was digging though some boxes in my garage the other night looking for a charger for my wife’s point and shoot camera.  I never did find that charger, but I did come across the very first digital camera I ever bought, a Sony DSC-S30.  This 1.3 megapixel beast served me well as a carry around camera for quite awhile.  I have made countless snapshots with it.  I decided to plug it in, give it a charge and see if the darned thing still worked and more importantly if the battery would hold a charge after having sat in a box for MANY years.  I was thrilled when I discovered that it worked as well as it did the day it was sort of forgotten about.

Those that follow me know that I don’t really care about gear.  Of course we all want better gear, but you don’t need that better gear to make great images.  I decided that I would start a little personal project where I would make some images with this little 1.3 megapixel camera and share them here.  I am not setting any sort of timeline as to when I will be posting images, it will happen when I feel like posting.  I will be tagging them with #ProjectDSCS30 and will be sharing them on the various social media outlets I use.  I hope you follow along, and I hope that it will demonstrate that you don’t need the latest and greatest gear to get out and shoot and make images that people will like.

Oh yeah, about this image.  This isn’t what I would consider a great image, but this is the very first shutter actuation made since discovering the camera, and thought it would be appropriate to use as the image for this introductory post.

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Guess what, your photography is worth something! – REPOST

The following post was published last year on my old blog and is being re-shared on this new photoblog.  This post generated the most comments of any blog post I have ever done.  A year later, I still feel the same way.

Ok, time to be honest, you can tell me the truth.  You have been shooting a lot since you got your new digital camera.  You have posted a lot of pictures to places like Flickr and 500px and have shared them on your social media streams.  You have people leaving you a lot of positive comments and are really liking your work, and at some point you have had a publication ask you to use your image in exchange for getting credit for the shot.  Seems like a pretty good idea doesn’t it, you get your image out in front of people and they even print your name with it, what could be better?

Guess what, you just sold yourself short, contributed to driving down the market for images and possibly screwed a fellow photog.  Surely you realized that the publication that you just granted a free license to is going to use your image to help bolster their profits.  Your image is going to help them make money, shouldn’t that be worth a little something to you?

I won’t go into detail, but I just had a deal for a sequence of haboob images fall apart because a fellow photog was willing to give their images of the haboob away for free to a magazine that was more than willing to pay for the images.  According to my contact, the free images were “not nearly as good” as mine but were “good enough” for being free, I can’t speak to that as I have not seen the images.

I will not lie, I am upset that I lost the deal, but I am also upset that we seem to live in a world where images that are “just good enough” seem to be acceptable, and I am even upset that a fellow photog is not aware that their work has value and so happily gave it away so that someone else could make money off of their hard work.

I look forward to your comments on this post. Do you agree or disagree with me?

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